What we do and how we do it so well...
We love and photograph nature with particular passion for all wildlife. Birds are our main emphasis and we have been chasing feathers for a long time.
Frogs and snakes are also a big part of what we prefer and with lots of practice, we are doing pretty well nowadays.
We take what we do pretty seriously and base our success on a lifetime of experience. Our groups visit the hottest spots, during the right season to achieve fantastic images with the best possible photo opportunities. We focus our business in quality, however, our numbers of species per trip are pretty impressive.
The greatest respect for nature is our model and preservation through beauty is our goal in every click.
We use and suggest to our clients all what is considered "eco-friendly"... Portable blinds, camo gear and clothes. Our expeditions only go to destinations that thrive on these ideal conditions as well. Nature first!
We take our groups to the right locations and design our expeditions with the best photography in mind.
Even so, our prices are pretty competitive when compared with other choices in the market.
Our service is all inclusive: luxury transportation, fine lodgging with great food, expert guide/photographer... we even have our own set of multi-flash -for hummers in flight- and pop up blinds for our clients to all Costa Rica Trips.
We set the whole show... you just relax, shoot and enjoy of nature photography as royalty.
Who we are at BPW
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Alex Vargas, pretty well known as Don Gato (Top Cat), worked as a pro birders' guide for 21 seasons. He mostly based his guiding years in Costa Rica, but had the chance of working South America and some Caribbean Islands the last 7 years.
It was only natural for Alex to change the scope for a big lens in his tripod and there was no way back! He is today, a very accomplished, respected and awarded pro nature photographer. 
Don Gato has been widely published around the world, by magazines in several languages and the most prestigious books and encyclopedias like Handbook of the Birds of the World (just to mention an example).

He has lived for over a decade in Asia and his impressive galleries grow quickly with great birds from some of the most valued and famous locations in the world. His frogs and snakes' gallery from Costa Rica, has also a few medals hanging on the doorstep.

He has a simple and friendly personality and it's easy to understand how his clients often turn into a long lasting friendship. BPW does pretty well so far with word-of-mouth referrals as our strongest selling and marketing tool.
He even funded a photography group in facebook to keep in touch with his roots and his colleagues. Today, Fotografos Ticos is the largest, most active and organized community of photographers in Costa Rica, with nearly 37 thousand members. "The popular Don Gato", his wife teases him.
Alex leads all BPW expeditions in Costa Rica, Colombia and USA.
He also takes part in most of our expeditions in Asia.
In territories like Thailand or Indonesia, where guiding is restricted to their citizens by law, BPW has a few excellent local guides who specialize in bird-photography. Tested and well approved by Alex himself.

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