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Costa Rica - Birds BIG time
January  -  April


This is a 13 days trip, designed to get as many wonderful bird images as possible. Nothing less! Costa Rica is incredible!


We visit the top spots of the country and a few hidden sites that Alex has kept to amaze you. Lowlands, both Caribbean and Pacific, Central Middle Elevations and the richest Highlands.


Perched Toucans, feeding Tanagers, flying Macaws and multi-flash Hummingbirds... simply the best feathers of Costa Rica, just for your lens!

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Colombia - Largest Bird List
April - May  &  July -August


Colombia  has  the  largest  bird  list  in the world  and  BPW  visits  an area  boosted  by many colorful and enigmatic species.

This 13 days expedition, will keep us busy in the  highlands  and  middle  elevations  from Cali  and  Medellín,  up  to  4100  masl.

Crazy  numbers  of  colorful  Tanagers, 

long tailed Hummingbirds, graceful Toucans, mysterious  Antpittas,  quick  Finches  and much more.

Blunthead Tree Snake - Imantodes inornat
Costa Rica - Birds & Macro
January  -  May


Costa Rica is amazingly rich when it comes to nature, as with only 52000 Km2, holds 4% of the planet's biodiversity and the greatest average of life zones per squared territory.


Birds  are not  an exception,  but neither are  Reptiles  and  Amphibians!


During 16 days,  we visit several of the best hotspots for bird photography  and will also have  three macro sessions  for  world  class imagery of frogs, lizards, turtles  and snakes;

handled   by   some  of   the  most  respected professionals   of   the   country.

Texas - Wildlife Show
May - June


Sit like royalty in a comfortable chair in one of the great -ground level- blinds, while an impressive array of wildlife approaches to drink, bath or feed.


We also have a couple of cool sessions of raptors in flight. Again sitting like a boss in one of the elevated blinds.


Many lovely birds keep coming and some mammals as well in May, but if you can take the strong heat of June, it will simple amaze you and you could go home with loads of cool photos... even from Bobcats!

4 days, 3 nights of pure fun!

Tangkoko - Kingfishers Paradise
August - October
7 days, 6 nights photographing amazing forest and river kingfishers in one of the most productive and accessible islands of Indonesia with a local expert.
We even have a fantastic spot for the beautiful and endemic Red-bellied Pitta.
Rain Forest Lowlands and Hillside Highlands (800 masl is high in there!)
Proboscis Monkey - baby - portrait
Borneo - Nature Wonder
August - November


Borneo is considered one of the most amazing and exotic sites in the world for wildlife photography.


This is an expedition that in 8 days, 7 nights, will take you deep into the wild jungles, walking through the canopy and floating on the magestic Kinabatangan River for loads of unique and fantastic images of birds and mammals to wonder!


Malaysian Borneo is one of those that you have to see, to believe.

Please inquire for tailored tours.  More or less days. Out of season dates... Birdwatching

We tailor expeditions for all ages and physical conditions.  

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